Yajurvedam Upakarma

August 25, 2018



We will be hosting the annual Yajurvedam Upakarma in two batches this year. The first at 6:45am and the second at 9:30am. Both will be held in Allen (near Custer and McDermott), see details below.


Date: Saturday, August 25th

    1st Batch   : 6:45AM to 8:45AM 

    2nd Batch : 9:30AM to 11:30AM

Both Batches Include:

  1. BrahmaYgnyam

  2. MahaSankalpam  

  3. Yagnyopaveta dharanam

  4. Kandarishi tarpanam 

  5. Kandarishi Homam

  6. VedArambam

  7. Aseervadam



    2021 Calisto Way

    Allen, TX, 75013

Phone: 517.575.5129


Please do the following BEFORE you come to the Yajur Upakarma

  1. Pratah Sandya Vandanam + Kamokarseeth Japam


What to Bring:

  1. Pancha Patra Udarni

  2. Thambalam

All other materials will be provided.



For Thala Avani Avittam please contact 517.575.5129.


**Please kindly convey this message to any family/friends who may be interested.

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