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Also known as Kannan Vadyar, Sharmaji, and Kannan Mama attained Shiva Loka Praapti (attained the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan) at 11:01pm Central time on September 22nd 2021. Krishna Paksha Triteeya. Let us pray for his sadgathi. Anthyeshti (cremation) details along with visiting information will be updated at home page.

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Priest Kannan

How to Help

Along with prayers for him and his family (his spouse and three children), this fundraiser is to support their financial needs to cover medical, educational, and family expenses. This is our chance to show support for Kannanji & his family.

Where to Contribute

Please donate generously for the welfare of the family.
You can donate using one of the following payment methods (in order of preference):


display name Priyanka



Please address checks to the following PO Box, in the name of Seetha Kannan:

Seetha Kannan

11700 Preston Road

Suite 660-608

Dallas, TX 75230


Paypal [transaction fees applied]

display name Seetha

Go Fund Me [platform and transaction fees applied by GoFundMe]

Kind Request

Please refrain from contacting the family at this point as they have lot going on right now.

Kannanji's Contribution to Hindu Community

His Knowledge and Background: BrahmaShri Kannan ji started his Vedic learning at the age of 9 and migrated to USA in late nineties. He has served as a purOhita/priest in temples in Michigan and Texas spanning two decades and served the community in a fullfilling manner.


His Humility: Inspite of deep learning he is humble and very personable. He has helped hundreds of families with their samskaras(rituals) that we all hold dear for our Dharma. Yet he accepts whatever dakshina is offered without having any demands.


His Passion for Sharing knowledge: He has been teaching vedas and slokas for about 10 years now,  to about 100+ students spending all evenings of the week. He has inspired two dozen kids to learn vedas. He does this free of any fees.


His Community Leadership: Had it not been for Kannan Vadhyar, Dallas area would not have a Veda chanters group to support Shivarathris, shashtiabdha poorthis, seemanthams, rudra ekadashis etc. Had it not been for Kannan Vadhyar, there wouldn’t be over 60 people in our Hindu community doing Nithya panchayathana pooja.


His Passion for Publishing: He spends whatever little spare time he gets in the publication of holy scriptures in the Grantha font to promote revival of this ancient script. He tediously hand caligraphed the holy Grantha script and created a software font.


His Heart to Donate to Vedapatashalas:  He has been continuously donating several thousands of dollars a year to needy vedapatasalas in India for support of these institutions.

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